How Much Does a Residential Locksmith Cost?

Residential Locksmiths

Being locked out of your own home can be a stressful experience, especially if it’s late at night or there’s somebody around to let you in. Whether you have a lost key, a broken key jammed in the lock or a lock that needs replacing, a residential locksmith can assist you. Still, you may wonder if you can afford to make an urgent call-out, especially if it’s the wrong end of your pay cycle. How much does a residential locksmith cost to hire? 

How can we help?

If you’re concerned about getting a nasty surprise when you call for help, Express Locksmith can put your mind at ease. The Gold Coast’s leading locksmithing company for all services including residential, we can be anywhere on the coast from Ormeau to Coolangatta and even to Tweed Heads across the NSW border. Long-term locals, we can get to your doorstep within 20 minutes. 

There’s no need to spend the night locked out of your home. In less than an hour, a residential locksmith can have you back inside, warm and secure. So what does a residential locksmith do? What services do they provide? And how much does a residential locksmith cost

What does a residential locksmith do?

Just like an automotive locksmith provides specialised services for the security of your car, a residential locksmith provides lock and key installation, repair, modification and other services for your home. Like other locksmiths of all types, residential locksmiths work with all varieties of locks including deadbolts, padlocks, smart and electronic locks. They can also provide homeowners with advice on the best kinds of locks and security systems for their needs, and come to the rescue in case of emergencies. All proper residential locksmiths are fully licenced and insured. If they have local knowledge, even better. 

Services a residential locksmith provides include:

Key Cutting

When you need a spare copy or two of your existing keys, you can count on residential locksmiths to duplicate your keys for you.  


Lock Rekeying

To rekey a lock is to change the inner workings of a lock so that the old key will no longer open it. If your keys have been lost or stolen or you’ve just bought a house or moved into a new rental, a rekey provides an extra level of security. 


Replace Locks

If you’ve recently had a break and enter, a change in your rental occupancy or another event that may compromise your security, it might be time for a change of locks. A residential locksmith can construct you a new set of locks and keys.  


Security Upgrades

Residential locksmiths can help with upgrades to your home security including security systems, alarms and additional locks. 


Safe Installation and Opening

Residential locksmiths can install and lock down your safe, service it and help you regain access if you’re locked out of it. 


Master Key Systems

In a master key system, each lock has its own particular key while the master key unlocks them all. Residential locksmiths can take care of master key design and installation, key cutting and maintenance. 



A deadbolt is a lock that requires a key to lock or unlock it, and residential locksmiths can both install deadlocks and open them if necessary. 


Garage Door Locks

If you don’t yet have a lock for your garage, maybe it’s time to consider this extra measure to protect your possessions. 


24/7 Emergency Lockout Assistance

Emergency residential locksmiths can help you get back into your home when you’re locked out, any time of the day or night. 

So how much does a residential locksmith cost, and can you afford one to do the necessary work around your home? 


How much does a residential locksmith cost?

There’s no hard and fast rule to the question “how much does a residential locksmith cost?” The
price depends on the time, the location and the complexity of the job.

In order to avoid any shocks regarding how much a residential locksmith costs, it’s best to obtain a
free quote when you contact the repairer.

Express Locksmith’s rates are:

Day time callout fees: $95-$150 (depending on location).

Hourly rates: $95-$145.

After hours callout fees: $165-$225 (depending on location and time).

After hours hourly rates: $125-$175.

Residential Locksmith Gold Coast

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