How Small Business Locksmiths Keep Gold Coast Businesses Secure

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If you need a locksmith that understands the needs of your small business, who better to turn to than a small business locksmith?

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Running a small business takes a lot of perseverance, hard work and willpower. You’ll probably find it takes up a lot of your free time too, as you watch your working hours stretch beyond the boundaries of a regular 9-5. Small business locksmiths understand that your time is precious, your security is paramount and that you may work around the clock. They also understand how important your small business is to your local community, which is their community too.

Local businesses might call upon small business locksmiths to install locks and alarm systems, repair and replace existing locks, and implement management solutions to protect the different areas of the premises. A local locksmith brings a wealth of knowledge both of the region and of small business operations.

As a Gold Coast-based business with more than 25 years of professional locksmith experience, Express Locksmiths can help businesses all over the coast from northern suburbs like Ormeau and Yatala all the way to the Tweed region, just over the NSW border. Available 24/7, we’re honest, friendly, can meet you on your side of town and have already earnt a top reputation with more than 900 five-star reviews on Google.

The Gold Coast is a booming area where new start-ups blossom and more than 70,000 businesses are in operation. Yours can be one of them, but security is an important part of the mix. Here’s how small business locksmiths look after yours.

How Small Business Locksmiths Help

Some significant advantages to working with small business locksmiths include:

Local knowledge: Small business locksmiths are often lifelong residents of a region and sometimes the business is a family affair. This means firsthand knowledge of the area in which you operate and a keen understanding of what its business owners and residents need. Local locksmiths have a reputation to protect in the community and can’t afford to cut corners if they want to protect their livelihoods. Their knowledge of your city or town gives them an insider’s perspective into the issues facing local businesses.

24/7 availability: Many local businesses operate around the clock, and local locksmiths know that. Sometimes you may find yourself locked out in the middle of the night with no back-up keys you can get your hands on. In these situations, a locally-based 24/7 locksmith can provide some urgent assistance.

Consultation and risk assessment: Having unique first-hand knowledge into the needs of the region’s businesses gives local locksmiths the insight to assess your security needs and vulnerabilities.

Customised solutions: A small business locksmith can take into account factors like the size of the premises, the nature of the business and any budget constraints in order to come up with solutions for you.

Express Locksmith’s Small Business Services

Services that Express Locksmith provides to small businesses on the Gold Coast include:

Lock replacement: If you’ve just taken over a new business, lock replacement is an important step in changing hands. You may also want to upgrade your locks when new innovations become available that create stronger security for your business. Regardless of your reasons, Express Locksmith can provide lock replacement services like new lock installation, smart lock installation, restricted key and rekey services.

Rekey Services: Rekey is the art of reorganising a lock’s internal parts so that its old key will no longer open it. This is an easier way of maintaining your security than fully replacing the lock. Rekey is a helpful preventative measure to take to maintain your security in general but it’s especially important in events such as an employee with access leaving.

Extra locks: Sometimes the more locks you have, the better, especially if you want to more tightly control access to certain areas. Express Locksmith can provide additional locks on doors, safes, windows and other entry points.

Lockouts: Getting locked out of your business is a stressful situation, especially late at night when your options for assistance are limited. Express Locksmith has the skills and the tools to give you access to your business again without damaging your locks or doors.

small business locksmiths gold coast

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