Services that Express Locksmith’s Industrial Locksmiths Can Provide

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Locked out of your business or workplace in an industrial area of the Gold Coast or Tweed Heads? Here is Express Locksmith’s guide to our industrial locksmith services, and how we can help you regain access in an emergency.

How can we help?

The Gold Coast is the sixth-largest city in Australia and one of its fastest-growing regions. Industries like construction, tourism and state-of-the-art technology are among the biggest drivers of the local economy.

Major industrial and warehousing areas can be found in suburbs all over the Coast from Burleigh to Beenleigh, Nerang to Currumbin. When you need assistance, it helps to have industrial locksmiths nearby that know the Gold Coast well.

Getting locked out of your warehouse when you have a job to do is a stressful situation, especially late at night when your options for help are limited. Express Locksmith can help you re-enter the premises so you don’t have to call it a night or wait hours for help to arrive.

Our industrial locksmiths can be anywhere on the Gold Coast within 25 minutes, from northern suburbs like Ormeau all the way over the NSW border to Tweed.

Services that our industrial locksmiths provide include:

Lockouts: There are several ways to get locked out of your business or workplace: losing your key, or leaving it inside by mistake. You can be unable to access your workplace due to broken or faulty locks or to timing issues with automatic locking systems. If you’re onsite after-hours, there may be no-one to let you back in. With our detailed knowledge of the Gold Coast, Express Locksmith can be there in 25 minutes or less and have you taking care of business again. 

Smart lock access: Smart locks provide benefits like keyless entry and remote access. Yet you can still get locked out of a warehouse that’s protected by a smart lock even if the causes differ from the issues that traditional locks have. Power outages, connectivity issues and software glitches can leave you stranded outside of your warehouse. Luckily Express Locksmith can let you back in. 

Deadlocks and handles: Deadlocks, also known as mortice locks, are regularly used in commercial and industrial environments for extra security. Built into the door handle or knob, they include bolts that extend into the doorframe when locked, preventing anyone from opening the door without a key. Express Locksmith can provide deadlocks and handles for your business and we can also help if you have a deadlock in place and have been locked out without a key.

Restricted key systems: A restricted key system offers a stronger level of protection for your business. Under this system, only the locksmith who produced the original lock can cut new keys and only an authorised individual can duplicate them. The benefits of restricted key systems include a higher level of control over your security settings and much harder locks to pick.

Whether you’re looking to add a restricted key system to your business or you already have one and you’re locked out, the industrial locksmiths at Express Locksmith can help. 

Rekey / lock replacement: Rekey and lock replacement services are among the main services that our industrial locksmiths offer. Rekeying is the process of changing the inner workings of your lock so that it needs a new key to function. It’s a faster, more affordable process than changing your locks and many businesses do it as a preventative measure on a regular basis (anywhere from every six months to two years).

If you’re doing business in a warehouse that’s just changed hands, the industrial locksmiths at Express Locksmith can perform a rekey for you. 

Fire-rated lock installation: A fire-compliant lock is one that’s been tested and found to withstand fire for a long period of time. A fire-rated lock can be the difference between a contained fire and one that spreads to other parts of the building. Our industrial locksmiths can craft you a fire-rated lock that does its job properly and matches the look of the building too. 

Contact Express Locksmith’s industrial locksmiths

If you’ve locked yourself out of your business or lost the key to your storefront, Express Locksmith’s commercial locksmiths – including our industrial locksmiths – are available 24 hours a day.

The areas we service include the entire Gold Coast from northern suburbs like Ormeau all the way to the southernmost end in Coolangatta. We can cross the NSW border into Tweed Heads too. Wherever in the Gold Coast or Tweed Heads region you are, Express Locksmith can be there in 25 minutes or less with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Rated one of the top three locksmiths on the Coast by ThreeBestRated, Express Locksmith have the ability to access and open commercial and industrial locks of all kinds. Our industrial locksmiths can work with rim locks, mortise locks, commercial deadbolts and file cabinet, machinery and mailbox locks.
While factors like time and location play their part in our costs, you’ll find our prices reasonable for the quality of the work and the benefits to your business.
To get in touch with Express Locksmith and get back to work ASAP, contact us here.