Should You Call A Mechanic Or A Locksmith?​

Should You Call A Mechanic Or A Locksmith?

Getting locked out of your car can be a scenario straight out of your nightmares!

You may lose your key at home or the office or may have kept them inside the car. However, issues with the lock and key, such as malfunctions and damaged parts, can cause trouble.

And that’s when you may ask, ‘Should I call a mechanic or an auto locksmith to my rescue?’ Well, that’s what we are here to answer today so you can stay prepared during an emergency like this. As a vehicle owner, finding yourself locked out of your car is extremely inconvenient. Calling a professional auto locksmith is the fastest and safest way to get back into your vehicle. Automotive locksmiths are experts at unlocking car doors and have the proper tools and skills to unlock your car quickly without causing any damage.

Don’t try to find makeshift solutions when the professionals can handle it for you. Be prepared by keeping the number of a trusted auto locksmith handy so you can get assistance right away if you ever find yourself stranded outside your locked car.

What Does An Automotive Locksmith Do?

An auto locksmith (or car locksmith) is a specialised professional who provides services related to your vehicle or car’s lock, key and security system. As such, they receive specialised training and work with specific tools like key extractors, cylinder pullers, and cutting machines.

You can reach out to a car or mobile locksmith and get back on the road in the following type of cases:n

An auto locksmith (or car locksmith) is a specialised professional who provides services related to your vehicle or car’s lock, key and security system. As such, they receive specialised training and work with specific tools like key extractors, cylinder pullers, and cutting machines.

You can reach out to a car or mobile locksmith and get back on the road in the following type of cases:

1. Locked Outside The Car

You can get locked out of your car for various reasons, like broken keys, damaged key shells, worn-out components, etc. And mobile locksmiths are in possession of all tools and techniques to help you enter your vehicle without causing any damage to the structure or vehicle. 

For example, they may use slim jim tools or inflatable wedges to unlock your car door if you’ve accidentally left your car keys in the car or lost them. They may perform broken key extraction to safely remove the leftover part from the lock while ensuring it functions as usual.

2. Key Cutting And Programming

An auto locksmith is generally an expert in cutting and repairing different types of keys, including transponder keys and remote keys. As a result, they can design new keys or get you duplicates (replacement keys) if you have lost or damaged the original one (in the case of physical car keys). Likewise, they can reprogram the transponder and remote keys.

3. Issues With The Ignition System

Aside from the ‘primary’ causes of lock and key issues with your car, underlying problems may keep you from entering your vehicle. And one of the most common reasons in this category is problems with the ignition system.

Hence, it’s always advisable to reach out to an auto locksmith if you have malfunctioning ignition locks, switches, and cylinders. Similarly, if the ignition key is broken or stuck, you will need an ignition car key replacement (post extraction).

4. Specific Lock Problems

The door isn’t the only component of your vehicle that needs a lock and key. There are other parts, like the glove and trunk box. A key usually secures that and would need the services of car locksmiths in case of any issues.

5. Security Upgrades

Many modern cars on the road today have electronic security systems, alarms, immobilisers, and specialised locks for steering wheels and tracking devices. And an auto locksmith dealing with electronic systems like these can assist you in reprogramming or updating them as and when required.

How Can A Mechanic Help You?

As you may already know, an auto or car mechanic is responsible for the overall maintenance and repair of your vehicle when required. The key services of a mechanic typically include

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1. Inspection And Diagnosis

A mechanic is the first person you’d visit if you’re experiencing or suspecting issues with your vehicle. As such, the mechanic may perform various manual and computer-based tests to inspect and detect problems, like

  • ‘Misfiring’ of the engine
  • Malfunctioning transmission and brakes
  • Damages or malfunctions in electronic systems
  • Problems with the HVAC system
  • Issues with wheel alignment, tires and car lock system

Depending on your vehicle’s issue, the mechanic will choose a suitable course of action to fix it. For example, they may perform puncture repairs or advise you on the right type of tire according to your vehicle use.

2. Regular Maintenance

DIY maintenance isn’t enough to keep your car in a top-notch and, most importantly, safe condition. You should opt for professional maintenance services to help with fluid changes, brake replacements, engine lubrication, battery replacements, etc.

Remember that performing more complex tasks on your own can not only cause damage to your vehicle, but it can also jeopardise your safety on the road. That’s why you should always stick to your vehicle maintenance schedule.

3. Keep Records

Aside from the more ‘technical’ functions, a car mechanic can help you keep track of your vehicle’s performance by recording crucial details, such as

  • Repairs and replacements performed
  • Parts used for repair or replacement (if any)
  • Other types of services performed during maintenance or otherwise
  • Last service date
  • Additional recommendations (if any)

These details can also come in extremely handy for future repairs or services. But remember that the range of services a mechanic provides will depend largely on their training and expertise. Hence, you may need to find specialist mechanics for specific issues like problems with your car locking mechanism or key.

Mechanic Vs. Locksmith- What Should You Choose?

Both auto mechanics and locksmiths are crucial to the ‘well-being’ of your vehicle. And the need to call either will depend on the type of issue you’re facing.

When To Call A Mechanic

Generally, it’s recommended to call a mechanic if you’re experiencing the following

1. Mechanical Issues

A mechanic best deals with problems or damages in your vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, tires, and steering wheel.

2. General Repairs And Maintenance

If your vehicle needs repairs or general maintenance in oil changes, engine tune-ups, tire rotations, etc., contact a mechanic.

3. Engine Upgrades

A mechanic can also help you with engine upgrades and installing a new exhaust system for improved vehicle performance.

4. Electric System Repairs

If your car’s lights, battery, starter or alternator is giving you trouble, have a mechanic inspect them to identify the problem and repair or replace them as required. 

When To Call A Locksmith

An automotive locksmith should be summoned under the following circumstances:

1. Issues With Your Car Lock Or Key

If you cannot use your car keys or find the lock non-responsive, a car locksmith can help resolve the issue so that you can access your vehicle.

2. Car Key Repairs And Replacements

If you have damaged or lost keys and locked yourself out of the car, an auto locksmith can create a new set of master key systems. Besides, they can reprogram electronic or transponder keys for increased safety or upgrades.

3. Ignition System Problems

An automotive locksmith should address problems with your vehicle’s ignition lock and key.

What To Consider Before Hiring A Mechanic Or Automotive Locksmith?

Irrespective of which professional you may need to opt for (depending on your needs), you should consider the following criteria to ensure your automobile doesn’t fall into the wrong hands

  • Proper certifications and licences 
  • Expertise in dealing with the type of problem you’re facing
  • Customer reviews
  • Warranty offered on service
  • If there are any hidden costs involved
  • If your car insurance will cover the expenses

Mechanic vs. Locksmith

Although you can hire a mechanic to deal with issues with your vehicle’s lock and key or security system, it’s always advisable to go for specialists like automotive locksmiths. Not only are they better equipped for the problem, but you can also find specialised local locksmith services for specific issues like ignition key malfunctions.

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