Safety Tips From Your Local Locksmith


Safety Tips From Your Local Locksmith

Ensuring the safety and security of your home is of paramount importance. In a world where uncertainties can arise, safeguarding your property and loved ones has become a top priority for homeowners. 

Our team of skilled and highly-motivated locksmiths understands the significance of home security, and we are committed to empowering you with the knowledge and tools needed to bolster your home’s defences. This blog will explore essential safety tips, industry insights, and actionable advice to fortify your home’s security measures

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Assessing Your Home Security: Key Steps to Evaluate and Enhance Protection

Assessing the security of your home is the first crucial step in fortifying its defences and ensuring the safety of your loved ones and belongings. As a trusted Gold Coast locksmith with over two decades of experience, Express Locksmiths is dedicated to comprehensively guiding you through evaluating your home’s security.

1. Analyse Your Locks and Locking System

Begin your assessment by inspecting the quality and condition of your locks. Check all entry points, including doors and windows, to ensure they have the highest quality locking solutions. Look for wear-and-tear signs or vulnerabilities that may compromise your home’s security. If you encounter any issues or require replacements, contact our local Ernest Gold Coast locksmithing services for prompt assistance.

2. Explore Access Control Systems

Consider implementing access control systems to enhance security and control access to specific areas of your home. Restricted key and electronic security systems offer extra protection, providing the peace of mind that only authorised individuals can enter sensitive areas.

3. Evaluate Entry Points

Inspect all entry points thoroughly, not just the front door. Examine garage doors, sliding doors, and any other potential entry points. Reinforce these areas with robust locking mechanisms and security measures to deter intruders from attempting unauthorised access.


4. Assess Alarm Systems

Review your home’s alarm systems to ensure they function optimally. Regular maintenance and testing of alarm systems are vital to ensure they will effectively alert you to potential threats.

5. Consider Replacing Locks and Keys

If you’ve recently moved into a new home or have experienced a security breach, consider replacing locks and cutting new keys. Rekeying or replacing locks is essential to prevent unauthorised access from previous occupants or individuals with access to lost or stolen keys.

6. Utilise Emergency Services

No matter how prepared you are, emergencies can occur unexpectedly. Know that Express Locksmiths offers emergency services throughout the entire Gold Coast region. Our skilled team is available to assist you promptly in urgent situations, providing the security you need when you need it most.

As you perform this assessment, remember that securing your home is ongoing. Regularly reviewing and updating your security measures and seeking expert advice from a local Gold Coast locksmith will ensure your home remains a safe haven for you and your family.

Choosing the Right Locks: Enhancing Home Security with Expert Insights

The right locks are the first defence against potential intruders and burglars. Each door and window in your home may require a specific type of lock or key system to suit unique characteristics and security needs. Properly chosen locks not only offer enhanced protection but also provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your property and loved ones are safe.

Here are various types of locks worth considering for different security needs:

Deadbolts: Deadbolts are renowned for their robust construction and resistance to forced entry. As a popular choice for external doors, they provide high security, giving you peace of mind.

Smart Locks: Embrace the convenience of keyless entry with smart locks. These innovative locks offer advanced access control, allowing you to manage and monitor your home’s security remotely. With virtual keys and keypad access, you can enhance security and enjoy modern-day ease.

Padlocks: Versatile and portable, padlocks are excellent options for securing gates, sheds, and other outdoor structures. Their flexibility makes them reliable for adding security to various areas around your property.


Transponder Keys: Automotive locksmith services can provide you with transponder keys, offering an extra layer of security for your vehicle. These specialised keys use electronic communication to prevent unauthorised access and potential car thefts.

Key Cutting Services: Expert key-cutting services ensure you have readily available spare keys. Whether for your home, business, or specific lock types, these services ensure you have a backup plan in case of lockouts or misplaced keys.

Restricted Key Systems: Restricted key systems are advanced security solutions that provide high control over access to specific areas within a property. These systems use specially designed keys that can only be duplicated by authorised locksmiths, ensuring enhanced security and preventing unauthorised key copying.

Choosing the right locks for your property enhances your overall security and offers peace of mind. Whether reinforcing your external doors with deadbolts, embracing modern access control with smart locks, or securing outdoor areas with padlocks, each lock type creates a robust security system. Rely on expert locksmith services to guide you in making the best choices for your unique security needs.

Essential Safety Tips for Homeowners: Protecting Your Haven with Expert Advice

Ensuring the safety of your home goes beyond just installing locks. As your trusted locksmith, Express Locksmiths is committed to providing you with comprehensive safety tips to fortify your property and keep your loved ones secure. 

Here are practical and effective measures to safeguard your home and enhance its security:

  • Reinforce Entry Points
  • Secure Windows
  • Utilise Security Cameras and CCTV Systems
  • Illuminate Your Surroundings
  • Maintain Clear Visibility
  • Secure Spare Keys
  • Seek Expert Advice
  • Opt for Emergency Locksmith Services
  • Secure the Perimeter
  • Create an Illusion of Occupancy

Implementing these essential safety tips can significantly enhance your home’s security. Remember, Express Locksmiths is here to assist you with top-quality security solutions and expert advice tailored to your needs.

Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid: Safeguarding Your Home with Expert Insights​

Our mobile and emergency locksmith services take us across the Gold Coast, and we have seen it all in terms of common mistakes that homeowners and business owners make regarding their security. We have compiled a list below so you can improve your security and avoid these common home security mistakes.  

Leaving Spare Keys in Obvious Places

One common mistake is leaving spare keys in obvious places, such as under doormats, potted plants, or rocks. This makes it easy for burglars to find the keys and gain access to your home. A better solution is to provide spare keys to trustworthy neighbours or invest in smart locks that offer virtual keys or keypad access.

Neglecting Maintenance of Locks

Another common mistake is paying attention to the maintenance of locks. This can lead to wear and tear, making the locks and lock barrels less effective and more vulnerable to break-ins. Inspecting and maintaining your locks regularly and lubricating them as needed are important. If you have any problems with your locks, you should contact a licensed locksmith.

Not Securing Outbuildings

Outbuildings, such as sheds and garages, can give burglars easy access to your home. It is important to install sturdy locks on all outbuilding doors and to consider installing motion sensor lights or security cameras to deter potential intruders.


Relying on Outdated Security Measures

Home security technology is constantly evolving. You may leave your home vulnerable to modern burglary techniques if you rely on outdated security measures. It is important to stay informed about the latest home security technologies and to consider upgrading your security system if necessary.

Ignoring Professional Home Security Services

Home security is a complex issue. It is important to seek professional assistance if you need help improving your home’s security. A qualified locksmith can assess your home’s security needs and recommend the best solutions.

Neglecting Commercial Buildings' Security

It is important to remember that commercial buildings are also vulnerable to burglary. If you own or manage a commercial property, you should take steps to improve the security of your building. This includes installing security cameras, motion sensor lights, and strong locks on all doors and windows.

By avoiding these common home security mistakes, you can significantly reduce the risk of burglary and keep your home safe. Express Locksmiths is committed to providing good service and expert advice to ensure your home security remains robust and effective.

Dealing with Lockouts and Emergencies: Expert Guidance in Times of Crisis

Finding yourself in a lockout or emergency situation can be distressing, but with the right approach and the contact information of a reliable locksmith, you can quickly resolve the issue. In a lockout or emergency, the first thing to remember is to remain calm and assess the situation. Panicking can cloud your judgment and hinder your ability to find a solution. When facing an emergency, time is of the essence. Having the contact information of professional locksmith services, such as Gold Coast’s Express Locksmiths, is invaluable during emergencies.


While it may be tempting to try DIY lockout solutions, such as picking the lock or using improvised tools, it can lead to further damage and additional costs. A locksmith’s cost can be a lot less than repairing damage. Trust the expertise of professional locksmiths to handle the situation safely and efficiently. 

If you find yourself locked out in an unfamiliar or unsafe environment, prioritise your safety. Seek shelter in a well-lit public area and contact a reliable locksmith immediately.

For businesses and commercial properties, lockouts and emergencies can significantly affect operations and security. While dealing with emergencies, discussing preventive measures with your locksmith is also wise. 

They can advise on security upgrades and solutions to reduce the likelihood of future lockouts and emergencies. Ensure you have the contact information of commercial locksmiths saved in your phone or written down in a safe place. Being prepared in advance can save valuable time and stress in emergency scenarios.

Level Up Your Home Security with Expert Assistance

We take great pride in being the most trusted locksmith Gold Coast-wide, with years of industry experience and a dedication to providing top-notch services. We urge you to take action and implement the recommended security measures to fortify your home against potential threats.Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced master locksmiths for professional advice and reliable assistance for a full spectrum of residential or commercial services.

At Express Locksmiths, we provide a comprehensive approach to home security, with our comprehensive range of services covering everything from traditional door and window locks to modern security screen door locks and electronic security systems. As members of the Master Locksmiths Association, we specialise in delivering top-notch commercial locksmith services, ensuring that your business premises are equally secure. Our broad range of services is backed by a fully licensed team, providing quality service. We can do anything from cut keys to replace locks and everything in between.  

With our fully equipped mobile workshop, we are always prepared to offer prompt and reliable assistance whenever you need it, whether it’s rekeying locks, handling lockouts, or providing car key replacements; our mobile locksmith and 24/7 emergency locksmith services are here when you need them the most.